Episode 6 - Adriana Ferguson

We are back with a new episode.  It's been a long time since our last episode.  I've learned something since then.  Life finds a way...to prevent you from making podcasts.  Another interview from my time at the Nerdtacular Convention back in July of 2013.  This time we interview another member of the Critical Hit podcast on majorspoilers.com.  

Adriana is a working artist who has her own comic over at supercosmicfriends.com.  You can also follow her on twitter @Missveryvery.

She'd like you to take a look over at Kiva.org and help make the lord a little better then it was.  

Episode 5 - The Beautiful People

It's yet another episode of this ol'podcast we like to call the gig.  Thanks for checking us out.

Phillip Miles's blog is called "Lawffice Space" (not 'Lawffise Space', as Tim spelled it in the show. That would presumably be the British version?) It's here: www.lawfficespace.com.

Other blogs Tim recommends for fun & informative Labor & Employment Law (promise!) are as follows:

Ohio Employers Law Blog (http://www.ohioemployerlawblog.com)

The Employer Handbook (http://www.theemployerhandbook.com)

Connecticut Employment Law Blog (http://www.ctemploymentlawblog.com)

The Employment Blawg (http://manpowergroupblogs.us/employment_blawg)

...and, you know, if you're into it... Current Employment (http://currentemployment.net)

Episode 4 - Rodrigo Lopez

After 10,000 years i'm free! ... to release another episode of the Gig!

We are back with another cool interview of someone with an interesting confluence of employment.  Rodrigo Lopez is most publicly known as the game master for the Critical Hit podcast.  His life is also complicated as a producer at Smoky Hills Public Television.  We discuss his life as a podcaster and producer living and working in the state of Kansas.  We even get a little personal and find out there's more to Rodrigo then being the best dang Dungeon Master around.  Recorded live over at the Snowbird resort in Utah during Nerdtacular 2013.

If you want to find him, checkout @FearsomeCritter on twitter or over at MajorSpoilers.com

Want to help out Smoky Hills public television in their quest to make quality TV?  Head over to smokyhillstv.org

Make my podcast grow! (are you guys appreciating these power rangers references?)

Much love to  David Michael for making this interview possible.  Thanks Dave!


Episode 3 - Who's the boss?

This episode we are back again with more social media.  This time it's hitting close to home as Dan leads a discussion with some of his fellow employees about what to do when your friend becomes your boss.  Things are complicated by social media and the present day working environment.  We also hear things from the Boss side, as Dan interviews one of the people who are the subject of our round table discussion.  Tim closes us out with some legal discussion and employer advice. 

The sounds kind of all over the place as we have a bunch of different audio sources stitched together to make the episode.  Hope you enjoy episode 3 of the Gig.

Episode 2 - Jon Stevens

Our first interview! Dan Eavenson here.  This episode instead of just listening to Tim and me talk at each other, I get to interview my friend Jon Stevens.  Jon and I work together but unlike me he's really interesting.  One of the interesting things about Jon is that he serves in the Illinois National Guard.  With the recent tragedy in Oklahoma I thought it would be interesting to talk to one of the people who help out when such disasters strike.  Hope you find this as interesting as I did.  

If you have an interesting job, career or hobby hit me up on twitter @SinisterInfant and maybe you could be heard on an episode of the Gig.  

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